Tuna Fest 2018 Castafari Tournament Series

Tournament Prizes
$25,000 cash giveaways!! (not including calcuttas)

Tournament Results!!

There will be 4 primary tournament trophy/prize categories (not including calcutta).

$25,000 cash prize for most points (based on 50 boats)

Big Fish Kevin Glynn Trophy: Boat catching biggest weighed fish... NEW Simrad Chart Plotter and Poon Harpoon Kit

1st Place: Boat scoring most overall points...$25,000.00 cash prize

2nd Place: Boats scoring 2nd most overall points...Pemium Tackle Package

3rd Place: Boat scoring 3rd most overall points...Premium Tackle package


*Calcutta registration will be from 4pm Ė 8pm at Tent Registration Table. Cash only.
*All of these Calcutta categories are optional.
*There will be a Calcutta board on display for the ENTIRE tournament event!!
* There will be 7 categories for general Calcuttas:

$1000 Biggest Fish, $500 Biggest Fish, $250 Biggest Fish, $1000 Point Win, $500 Point Win, $250 Point Win, and $350 One Mission Charity Cup (sport celebrity prize giveaway).

$1000 Point Win, $500 Point Win, $250 Point Win Categories are for highest aggregate point totals.
Payout is 60% for boat scoring most points
Payout is 25% for boat scoring 2nd most points
Payout is 15% for boat scoring 3rd most points

$1000 Big Fish Jackpot, $500 Big Fish Jackpot, $250 Big Fish Jackpot is for the heaviest weighed tuna.
Payout is 60% for heaviest fish
Payout is 25% for 2nd heaviest fish
Payout is 15% for 3rd heaviest fish


Because this is a high stakes competition, there have been additional tournament rules regarding video documentation implemented to ensure an honest and accurate arena of sportsmanship. As outlined in detail on the Rules Page, all released fish must be video documented, from the time the mate grabs the leader to 5 seconds after the fish is de-hooked and swims away. If you fail to capture this process in its entirety, the release will be disqualified without exception. A 2016 Tuna Fest tournament flag, which will be provided in your vesselís tournament registration packet, MUST be visible in the video clip for all releases. All video clips documenting releases MUST be uninterrupted from start to finish. It is highly recommended that you also video document your GPS time stamp at the time of release. In case of a tie, time is what will determine a winner.

So make sure you have plenty of battery life, a camera that has plenty of storage capacity, a camera with no restrictions on recording time, a camera that has a view finder, and a camera that has the capability to plug into a tv/laptop in case something needs to be scrutinized by tournament staff. ALL release footage will be viewed by tournament committee. All entrants must have release video available when weighing fish. This isnít meant to confuse or discourage anyone, but instead help to put minds at ease regarding the level of honesty that will be maintained throughout this event. All winning crew members will be subjected to a polygraph test on the morning of Sunday, June 24th if there is a discrepancy.